Orkney Fossil & Vintage Centre

A Museums & Art Galleries in Orkney

Visit the brand new Building the Barriers exhibition and the local heritage galleries, which tell the story of 20th century life in Orkney through day-to-day objects. See 385 million year old Orkney fish fossils brought to life as never before. Marvel at exquisitely preserved fossils of long-extinct sea creatures and find out about rocks, crystals and how the Earth works.

Orkney Fossil & Vintage Centre

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A short ferry crossing off the North coast gets you to magical islands of the Orkneys - a fertile and spirtual place that contains over 12,000 neolithic ruins, standing stones and burial chambers. The Old Man of Hoy is one of climbing's great landmarks. Scapa Flow was also a huge seabase in the Second World War and the site of the scuttling of the First World War German High Seas Fleet and a great sports diving location. Whether island hopping by ferry or plane, visiting Skara Brae or the Ring of Brodgar, there is much to do in Orkney and its remote location stops too many tourists.