Sailing in Strathclyde

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Strathclyde

The heavy industries have long gone, but Glasgow is still the largest and most cosmopolitan urban area of Scotland with many mixed influences from Ireland and the Hebrides. The suburbs that stretch out along the shores of the Clyde are some of the richest property areas in Scotland and much regeneration is in progress in Paisley and other industrial areas. On the city's South Side is Pollock Country Park, home to the Burrell Collection and Pollock House. The Clydeside Walkway is an attraction in itself, running from Victoria Bridge in the east to the River Kelvin in the west

  • Without forgetting those who sail on the sea in the Firth of Clyde, there are two other significant sailing locations in the Strathclyde region: on Loch Lomond - Glasgows boaty playground and at the large Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park. Both these locations will provide facilities for boat hire.

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